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Every year, in every country in the world, various sums of money and items of property go forgotten, unclaimed and abandoned. The stories of how and why these items become lost are many and varied. The common factor is that they end up being in the control or custody of someone who is not the registered legal owner.

TPR was founded in the UK in 1995, to find new ways to identity these items of property.

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TPR clients are those that we have traced as potentially the owner of a forgotten asset.

Find out more about how we may have contacted you, the costs and other information that would be of interest to you.

TPR works closely with experienced genealogists, researchers and lawyers throughout the world.

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The Dormant Accounts Primer
Most countries have laws concerning unclaimed properties. These laws define the period of dormancy, and what happens to the funds after that. In many countries, including Australia, Malaysia and the USA, moneys that remain unclaimed at the end of the dormancy period pass to the government partly for safe-keeping, and partly so that funds which remained unclaimed indefinitely can be used for the public good. Should someone appear and be able to prove his rightful ownership of the asset, he can most likely reclaim it, regardless of the elapsed ...

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